Actors Fast Track™ presents...
Actor's Fast Track 4th Annual Mind Games
  •  Atlanta May 4
  •  New York City April 6
  •  Los Angeles March 16
If we’re being insanely frank...
hoping sucks! ACTION is so much better.
Valorie Hubbard
Working Actor and CEO of Actor's Fast Track™
The acting business is changing at record speed. 
Do you have everything you need to have the acting career of your dreams? Make sure you do! Actor’s Fast Track™ MINDGAMES is coming to a city near you!
Here’s a few of the bookings by some of last year’s MindGames attendees who took ACTION 
Are these your complaints?
  • “You can't get a TV show without an agent!”
  • “You can't get an agent if you aren't union!”
  • “Don't even try for that pilot - they are looking for star names only!!”
  • “No one’s looking for an actor with my look.” 

I know it’s not true because I’ve built a successful acting career playing by my own rules and not listening to the advice of others who say they want to help you, but are really trying to break you down.
Isn’t it time to stop playing nice and start getting booked? 

Do you want to let one more year go by without a real acting job?

Actors talking about their career
I can go on and on. I have heard it all. I’ve been told it all. And I know this for sure -- NOT ANY OF THAT IS TRUE!!! 
This is Actor’s Fast Track’s exclusive 1-day event to help you stop playing by the rules and learn the mindset you need to become successful in the acting game.

At this event, Actor’s Fast Track brings together an insanely awesome panel with:

  • An agent (who knows what casting directors are looking for)
  • A Manager (who will share with you what habits and behaviors get clients the most work)
  • Working actors (who have tried, failed, and then tried again to ongoing success)
The reason we do this is simple: Actor’s Fast Track wants to help you figure out what is getting in the way of you having the career of your dreams and get a plan that gets you working.
At the AFT MINDGAMES you’ll discover...
  • Why you're attracting the wrong agent
  • How to find the right agent for you and create a true partnership
  • How to get in the room for the roles you really want
  • How to bring you A-Game to every audition
  • Get empowered to take control of your acting career
In just five hours, we’ll give you the tools to change the course of your entire acting career...AND LUNCH!!!
Choose Your Tour Stop
Atlanta, Georgia

General Admission - $37

los angeles, California

General Admission - $37

New York city, New york

General Admission - $37

Change your mind, change your acting career.
What’s all this buzz about AFT?
Look we can go on and on…but here’s some RESULTS from a few of the people who have come to this event in the past:
About Actor's Fast Track

At Actor’s Fast Track, our clients take acting from a dream to a career.

At Actor’s Fast Track we understand acting is a business and actors are entrepreneurs. And we know entrepreneurs need marketing plans, relationships with buyers and sellers, a great product... So working with us, you can expect to develop a unique strategy, tailored to you, your talents, and your goals, to build the lasting, successful acting career you desire.

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